25. The Clubhouse assists members to reach their vocational and educational goals by helping them take advantage
of educational opportunities in the community . When the Clubhouse also provides an in-house education
program , it significantly utilizes the teaching and tutoring skills of members .


26. The Clubhouse is located in an area where access to local transportation can be assured , both in terms of getting to and from the
program and accessing TE opportunities . The Clubhouse provides or arranges for effective alternatives whenever access to
public transportation is limited.

27. Community support services are provided by members and staff of the Clubhouse . Community support activities are centered in
the work unit structure of the Clubhouse . They include helping with entitlements , housing and advocacy , promoting healthy
lifestyles , as well as assistance in accessing quality medical , psychological , pharmacological and substance abuse services in
the community


28. The Clubhouse provides assistance , activities and opportunities designed to help members develop and maintain healthy
lifestyles .


29. The Clubhouse is committed to securing a range of choices of safe, decent and affordable housing including independent living
opportunities for allmembers . The Clubhouse has access to opportunities that meet these criteria ,or if unavailable , the Clubhouse
develops its own housing program . Clubhouse housing programs meet the following basic criteria . a. Members and staff manage
the program together . b. Members who live there do so by choice . c. Members choose the location of their housing and their
roommates . d. Policies and procedures are developed in a manner consistent with the rest of the Clubhouse culture . e.The level
of support increases or decreases in response to the changing needs of the member . f.Members and staff actively reach out to
help members keep their housing , especially during periods of hospitalization .


30. The Clubhouse conducts an objective evaluation of its effectiveness , including Clubhouse International Accreditation .


31. The Clubhouse director , members , staff and other appropriate persons participate in a comprehensive two or three week training
program in the Clubhouse Model at a certified training base.


32. The Clubhouse has recreational and social programs during evenings and on weekends . Holidays are celebrated on the actual
day they are observed .



33. The Clubhouse has an independent board of directors , or if it is affiliated with a sponsoring agency , has
a separate advisory board comprised of individuals uniquely positioned to provide financial , legal , legislative ,
employment development , consumer and.


34. community support and advocacy for the Clubhouse .


35. The Clubhouse develops and maintains its own budget , approved by the board or supported by an advisory
board , which provides input and recommendations prior to the beginning of the fiscal year and routinely monitors it
during the year. Staff salaries are competitive with comparable positions in the mental health field .


36. The Clubhouse has the support of appropriate mental health authorities and all necessary licenses and
accreditations . The Clubhouse collaborates with people and organizations that can increase its effectiveness in
the broader community .


37. The Clubhouse holds open forums and has procedures which enable members and staff to actively participate
in decision making , generally by consensus , regarding governance , policy making , and the future direction and
development of the Clubhouse .